22 January 2014

travelling a new way

Rick and I ventured out to town for a meeting last night.  There were a few light flurries dancing about, but the forecast wasn't predicting any problems.

We enjoyed a time of sweet fellowship, prayer and planning.  My closing prayer was for safe travel home for all, mostly us, since we were the ones with a fair distance to cross.

As we pulled out of the church parking lot it was obvious it would be a slow trip.  The wind blew fierce, whipping the snow off the ground in waves of zero visibility. I watched the tension building in Rick's neck and shoulders as he concentrated on the often impossible task of seeing the lines on the highway.

I prayed that God would keep His mighty hand on our vehicle.  I imagined Him guiding us like a child moves a wooden car along a track.  The twenty minute trip took almost three times as long, but we did finally arrive home safe and without incident.  A chorus of praise and thanks rang from our hearts, spirits and lips.

We snuggled close in our cozy bed, grateful to be home.  And I dreamed...

We were travelling again.  Rick was on horseback, but at the same time he was leading a team pulling a cart.  I was seated at his right side, in a seat, not on a horse.  This seemed perfectly normal.  We were in an area we had visited frequently but noticed things we had never seen. High on hill tops I looked down and saw castle and village ruins and urged Rick to turn back so we could explore.  Filled with a sense of wonder and amazement, I woke, interrupted by the morning alarm.

When I brought this dream before the Lord, He replied:

you will be going a new way
as you slow down
I will show you both the future and the past
you will see what you have always missed before
in the time to come I will give you My eyes
this is part of the gift of My heart



Mystic_Mom said...

I love this. Thank you for sharing this. Bless you!

Dolly@Soulstops said...

Thank you for sharing God's faithfulness and encouragement to you :) You are definitely on an adventure as you prepare for Malawi..praying God continues to give you His eyes to see new things :)

Sandra Heska Kingn said...

" in the time to come I will give you My eyes"

No. Better. Gift.

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