17 January 2014


For the first dive into her series Living the Questions/Living into the Answers Diana talks about obedience.  What a word.

My Who Is HisFireFly page boldly states:
I desire to walk in radical obedience to His voice
but what does that really mean to me?

I have followed rigorous Bible reading plans
learned much, but often felt lost at sea
I sensed Him telling me not bite off more
than I could chew, to read less, meditate more
allow Him, not a schedule to lead me

I attempted to be faithful in prayer
yet never fit the pattern
of warriors and intercessors
who tried to school me
no list of requests for me
instead I simply seek His presence
abide, wait, respond
He said
when you're breathing you're praying
so I relax into that

a few years ago
I sensed Him repeating to my spirit
On assignment.  My work.  Stay close and I will lead you
This is how I choose to live each moment.
Obedience. Radical and real.
This is how I will walk into whatever He future He has planned.
His will.  His way.  Any plan I could imagine or create cannot compare.

Diana Trautwein - Living into the Answers

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diana said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful, thoughtful post, Karin. Isn't it interesting that so many who are reading (and linking) have gone in the same direction? NOT being bound by expectations of what a devotional life looks like. Learning to listen to the voice within and not try to conform to an exterior pattern - even though patterns can sometimes be helpful. I am deeply appreciative of your encouragement, my friend. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...


Tammy@Fear Not said...

Radical obedience...like Jesus, a humble sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

I am always so hard on myself about praying. The line "when your breathing you're praying" really spoke to me! Thank you for sharing.

ElenaLee (Barn Swallow) said...

Thank you for this vision of a holistic, not imposed, obedience!

kchripczuk said...

"The Sacrament of the Present Moment" offers a beautiful description of exactly what you describe. Thanks for linking up - visiting from Diana's place.

Brandee Shafer said...

I wanted to cry, reading this. Your walk sounds like freedom, to me. Visiting from Diana's.