15 January 2014

nothing predictable

January's middle when the ice 
settles deep in bones
we had snow last night
snow this morning
while the wind howls
swirls, sculpts drifts of white
and now 39 degrees fahrenheit
bright sun denying the forecasted storm
not snow, thunderstorms 
January 15 thunderstorm
with snow again to follow
diving wind chills
nothing predictable, or steady
only 100% chance
there will be weather of some sort
or another



Anonymous said...

ooh boy! that's some weather.

Vandana Sharma said...

But soon the warm sun will melt all the snow and life will beam again.

Nancy Sturm said...

Great day to stay in and read and/or write! Brr...your vivid description has made me cold. Time to heat up some soup for lunch.

Jody Lee Collins said...

"100 percent chance of weather of some sort." I'll say!

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