17 June 2013

Compassion in Nicaragua

Compassion Bloggers Nicaragua Trip 2013
Tomorrow a team of bloggers is flying down to Nicaragua to experience Compassion International’s ministry.  They will be sharing what they see and feel and how God touches their hearts in ways only He can.

I will be following their journey and so can you at the links below:

Shaun Groves - Team Leader at ShaunGroves.com
Brianne McKoy - Team Leader at Compassion Blog
Christy Jordan - blogger at Southern Plate
Edie - blogger at Life in Grace
Kelly - blogger at Faithful Provisions
Traci - blogger at Beneath My Heart
Mike Varel - Photographer/Videographer at Mike Varel Digital Storytelling
Keely Scott - Photographer at KeelyMarieScott.com

Today Edie posted the following pre-departure words on her blog Twas the night before...:
Am I ready? 
No.  I’m so not ready. 
But, I stand in good company with those who were unsure, doubtful, fearful, and  ill-equipped, and went anyway. 
This time tomorrow, I’ll be on the other side of a giant wall;  a wall made of oceans and money and governments and  wars.  I’ll be on the other side of what separates our world from theirs.
My prayer is that Christ will give us ears to hear and eyes to see;  that He will make us know that what unites us is so much more powerful than what divides us.
As I read Edie's words, the following prayer stirred within me --

None of us are ready Lord, not one.
It is not our abilities that you can use but our availability.
I pray for a heart that yields and a spirit that bends to Yours.
May the words and images that these sojourners share
break my heart while they inspire with hope.


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