20 June 2013

two months gone

It feels like much longer 
than two months ago
or perhaps just yesterday 
Mom drew a last difficult breath 
then stopped

it seems impossible 
that she is gone 
hand and mind reach daily for the phone 
to check in with no one

grief travels a winding road
often silent, shadowed
a walk through the woods
trees in full leaf

grief travels a winding road
screams, memories flashing
clouds drawn back
exposing the raw 

I can't predict, or dictate
as I open my hands
to the wind, trusting
storms of tears
wash clean



Anonymous said...

I always have to comment when you post about your Mom, because I know I will feel the exact same way when I lose her...praying for you.

Elizabeth Dianne said...

thoughts and prayers to you--

Leslie said...

i lost my dear mother nearly 4 weeks ago. my heart goes out to you as i travel the same road...