19 June 2013

Slippery time

We are past the midway mark in June.  
Morning wakes before I do and light lingers deep into the night.  
It seems like only yesterday there was snow 
covering places now green 
ablaze with the delight of flowers.
Time feels so slippery, impossible to hold.

Journal open today, the Lord spoke to this:

Days will come.
Days will go.
You can do nothing to stop time.

Watch. Listen. Each moment has its reason.
I build moment on moment like brick upon brick.
I have the master plan that you cannot see.
And I, yes I, must remain the chief cornerstone of anything that is built
or it falls in time to nothing
or less than nothing.

What I Am saying is having those things
that don't contain Me
are more dangerous than not having anything.

Watch. Listen.
Keep Me in the middle of it all.

He will be the sure foundation for your times, 
a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; 
the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure. 
walking with Emily and the broken beloved ones


Mommy Emily said...

oh karin, sigh. yes. i need him. more than ever. in the middle of it all.

Unknown said...

Dear Karin
This is so true. Even our best, most noble efforts and works are like filthy rags if it does not begin and end in our Lord Jesus! Only our God and He alone is truly good and worthy.
Much love XX

the writer said...

Beautifully true and oh so good. Thank you for sharing~