04 June 2013


an act of violence
upon the land
last year's dry stubble
flares, sparks
flames rise
as smoke fills yards
and valleys
deep into the night
licks of fire burn on

an act of violence 
upon the land
no harsher
then the ripping away
of heavy equipment
removing old
to prepare for new

cultivation is
an act of violence
upon the land
without which
nothing grows
roots loose their grip
and submit
to the crops to come

hanging out with poets at the pub


Claudia said...

sometimes the principles of farming and gardening seem hard to understand but serve as excellent metaphors for life..

Laura said...

Your poem resonates for me in a very personal way.... I was thinking about violence as I was pulling stubborn plants out of my garden with deep roots... Even though my intention was to cultivate and nurture other plants that were being encroached upon... my body felt the tension of anger, of violence... I had never thought of gardening that way before.

enthusiastically, dawn said...

Interesting comparison...I like that...an act of violence, one devastating one productive. Ponder worthy.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

And why is it that weeds have the strongest and toughest roots? I wonder about that every year as I plant my garden.

Brian Miller said...

it is an interesting fact...and one too that we can learn from...in what it sometimes takes to get that new growth...

Mary said...

It really is fascinating to contemplate just what grows.....and why. Your metaphors in this poem work for me.

Laurie Kolp said...

Cultivation is a necessary evil, that's for sure.

flaubert said...

Excellent use of metaphor here, firefly.


Anonymous said...

Life and its seasons...each taking their turn and being revealed in due time...

Anonymous said...

What a different way of looking at cultivation. There's definitely strain with any kind of growth, and sometimes it feels as if it really is violent, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

For some reason the second stanza put me in mind of strip-mining rather than agriculture or gardening. That really is an act of violence committed on the environment.