21 September 2012

Unstoppable change

The summer days
children of a season abbreviated here
fade like the leaves
drying to dust
frost begins to coat the mornings
and even still I hold on
till nothing is left but the holding

There will be no more tomatoes
reaching ripe perfection on the vine
they wait instead for the blush of red
in dark, closed boxes
safe from the cold, true
but losing the flavor that makes them shine

The bright quilt of hot nights
shall be washed and stored
the bed now dressed in down duvet
soon lace coverings on windows
will be replaced with something more substantial

as the brilliant display of trees fallen glory
gives way to wide, wide fields of white.

Five Minute Friday
Joining Lisa-Jo today writing wide



Amy W Thornton said...

This is just beautiful! I could feel the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Thank you so much for sharing! Smiles!

Meredith said...

Mmmmm, beautiful!

Felecia said...

Boy I miss getting ready for winter (having lived in AZ and FL for the last 7 years). But I tell you what, I will name the next tomato I pull off our heavy-fruited plants "Firefly" before I stuff it's juicy goodness into my mouth! :)
Thanks for this beautiful, season's end prose.

Melissa said...

You paint such a beautiful picture with these words. Thanks for sharing these words and for the comment on my blog!

Denise said...

Such a lovely post.

Anne said...

Such a lovely picture of words!