30 September 2012

My Journey to Heaven by M. Besteman

I don't spend great amounts of time thinking about the specifics of heaven.  I know that I know that I cannot begin to imagine it.  When I was given the opportunity to read Marvin Besteman's story, I couldn't resist.  Besteman was in the hospital after surgery to remove a pancreatic tumor.  He was in horrific pain.  He wanted nothing more than to escape the misery for awhile.

The back cover promises:
In My Journey to Heaven What I Saw and How It Changed My Life, Marv Besteman shares the true story of his experience of heaven with astounding detail. You'll meet the angels who accompanied him to the gate, overhear his conversation with St. Peter, and feel the joy as he recognizes friends and family members who touched his life.
I'm not sure what I was expecting, I suppose I thought I would learn something extraordinary.  Nothing in Besteman's words surprised me or seemed to share anything new.  There wasn't anything in his story that convinced me that he had really experienced what he says he experienced, and I am left feeling bad for all my doubting.  Was he dreaming, imagining, drawing on what he had seen and heard in his years of life?

There is much talk of Peter who he met at the gate to heaven; a gate made of dark wood, not pearls; dressed like the fisherman we read of in the gospel, with shaggy hair, not flowing robes and white tresses.  Peter had always been Besteman's favorite Bible character and I myself wouldn't mind the opportunity to stand in his presence and chat over what life with Jesus felt like from his perspective.  I truly wish I could grab hold of what this story shares and accept it as some sort of truth, not just Besteman's personal experience.

Somehow I think God just wants me to wait and see for myself, whenever that time comes.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a combination of things, vision, dream. Who knows how he was being spoken to and who was doing the speaking all of the time. Perhaps he was given what he needed to sustain him through his time of pain. It's hard to believe that anyone is allowed to have a complete or full glimpse of Heaven. We are probably shown only in ways that we can understand. In dreams and thoughts that are sent to our mind and heart. And our heart understands and knows.

This may have been a perfectly good message for him alone. Who knows who all should know what was sent to him. But i don't think it's a crystal clear picture of heaven.

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