19 September 2012

Choosing to love...

I didn't want to pick a child just because the picture called to me.  When God made it clear to us that it was time to sponsor a child through Compassion we sat at the computer and pulled up the list of children who had been waiting the longest time.

This little one in Uganda, a country that had already claimed our hearts when we were there in 2007 waited on and on for someone to choose him.  We realized it likely had nothing to do with where he lived or what he looked like or his age but it was his name that hindered.  Surely in North America people had many emotions stirred up when thinking of the name Arafat.

"How can we hold that against him?" I asked my husband, and our decision was made.  Never a regret, never a look back.  We opened our wallets and our hearts.

With apologies for the blurry photo that Rick snapped in poor light I encourage you to dive into Compassion's Pinterest Contest.  As part of Compassion's blog month, I encourage you to check into this and get involved even if you've never pinned before.

Halfway into Blog Month and 1,515 children in poverty have been sponsored.  Just 1,593 more to go!

Pray.  Blog. Sponsor. Help.


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Nancy Franson said...

I haven't posted a picture of me with my sweet boy on my Pinterest board yet--waiting until I get out of my PJs!

I'm glad you chose Arafat. Won't it be amazing, in heaven one day, to see the means God used to connect us with these dear children?

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