11 September 2012

Letter on a windy day...

This week's assignment for Compassion Bloggers was to write a letter to God about sponsorship.

One week into blog month and 837 children have been sponsored.  We still have at least 2,271 more to go in order to reach our goal.  Visit the sponsorship page here, pray, love these ones...

My precious Lord:

Today marks eleven years since the Twin Towers fell in New York City.
Eleven years since acts of violence forever changed the way we live life.
Security has taken top priority, risen up like a golden calf.
We seem to seek safety above all else.

Your life wasn't safe Lord, you lived each moment
knowing that one day you would pay the ultimate price
your blood, your life, given for us.

The winds are howling strong today
trees trembling in a frenzied dance
the wail like a cry in my spirit, a continuous prayer
let me be more like You
dead to myself and alive in You
living for grace, for love, for mercy and justice

There are so many children who have never known safety
they have never lived in what we would call a home
families are broken, shattered with need
help me to care more for them
then my own comfort

The wind howls still
as my prayers continue
help me be a mother to the motherless
a friend to the weak
let me be filled with Your passion, Lord.

I may be the only Jesus they see
may I reflect You, Lord as You are
not as I might imagine You

True light, true love.
The answer to every question, asked or silent.
Through the acts of my heart and hands
may they taste and see that You are good.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A lovely, heartfelt poem/letter to God. I pray more children are sponsored.

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