22 September 2012

Closer still

In my quiet time, as I waited at His feet, I asked my Lord what He would have me do.  I wasn't asking for Rick and I as a couple.  I wasn't asking for our church fellowship.  I wasn't asking for the Body united.  It was a simple yet not so simple what do You want of me?

Here is His reply:

Know Me.  Come as close as you think you can then step closer still.

If you want to walk as I walked in the world you must remain tied to Me, wrapped in Me.  Any space between us will be filled by other voices - the voice of the enemy; the voice of the world; or the voice of your own mind.  The chattering will be loud enough to muffle My words.  You will not hear Me correctly.  You may not hear Me at all.

This is why I say come closer.  Closer still.

Only then can you dream My dreams.

Seeking the stillness with Sandy

 Abiding in Him with Cheryl



JoDee Luna said...

What a wonderful whisper from the Lord, "Only then you can dream my dreams." Thanks for the inspirational post.

Cheryl Smith said...

I agree with Jodee. How powerful! "Only then can you dream my dreams."

And that is what God wants for us, to be part of His dream of redemption for a world without hope.

You encourage me to draw closer as well.

To abiding!

Jennifer Richardson said...

sweet deep breath of life:)

Pam said...

Lovely truths whispered from his heart to yours! Thanks for sharing...inspiring nuggets born of prayer and a listening heart.

S. Etole said...

Thank you for sharing this meaningful message.

caryjo said...

Part of me struggles to keep Him first, always and always. AND then everydayness of life interferes and I become side-tracked. THEN I turn back to Him and try and try again.

Heavy sigh! Looking forward to keeping Him buried in my heart, mind, soul, spirit, dreams, visions, and life surrounding me. YEP, that's what I want.


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