28 September 2012

Chasing Silhouettes by Emily Wierenga - a review

I believe there are reasons
why God allows us to move in darkness
seasons we feel lost and alone
we're not sure we can find Him
but He always knows where we are.

When in His strength (knowing or unknowing)
we have pressed on and walked through
to clear air on the other side of trouble
we become His shining lights
scattering the darkness for others.

Emily Wierenga has taken such a walk
and now stands as a wide, brilliant beacon
illuminating a path toward wholeness
healing and the loving arms of God.

In Chasing Silhouettes Emily shares her own story and the stories of others; both those with eating disorders and the families and friends who have watched, worried, wept, prayed and been torn as well.

Your heart will hurt as you read these pages, but it will also soar with hope in a God of restoration.

Please read this book.  Please give copies to others.  And visit Emily at her blog where you can leave her some words of encouragement and thanks.


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