25 August 2012

Your paths

Show me Your ways, O Lord; 
teach me Your paths. 
Guide me in Your truth and faithfulness 
and teach me, 
for You are the God of my salvation; 
for You [You only and altogether] 
do I wait [expectantly] all the day long.  
Singing His praises with the Sunday Community at Deidra's



sowingseedsofgrace said...

Visiting from The Sunday Community and am so attacted by the word "firefly" in your title and your signature. I grew up in the south and loved firefly season. Now in the NW, I don't ever see them. :( Thanks for the memory!

Loved your reflection and the verse you chose for this Sunday. Made my Saturday evening!

Caroline said...

I love those verses. Prayed right now to have eyes to see His paths (not clouded by my own).

Alyson said...

Jumping over from the Sunday Community linky - love the Amplified version of this - thank you

Maureen said...

Good photo to go with the verse. Love that line, "wait expectantly," will have to find a copy of Amplified OT. I like the way it reads, with lessons tucked in. Thanks.

Julie Anne said...

Praying that I would see what he shows me and that I would be teachable! Great verses!

Jason Stasyszen said...

Love it, Karin! And that verse underscores something God has been speaking to me lately, that He is a God of options. Why wouldn't the psalmist say, "teach me your path"? Instead it's "paths" and I believe it speaks again that God is not limited to one road, but He is One of infinite possibilities and He opens up the way for us to explore with Him. Awesome! Thank you. :)

Jephyr said...

Beautiful verses! Thank you so much for sharing some light in this world!!

God Bless!

caryjo said...

YES! I must rely upon Him for "ways" and "paths". Nothing else can be more important, day by day.

Lovely photo/Word combination.

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