13 August 2012

Stiff wings...

I have been away from home. 
Not only on the road, but away from my centre even while present in my house.
Thoughts have scattered like sow thistle seeds, wild to the wind.
This morning, sitting silent at last, journal open, I waited for food from my Lord.
While His words today carried the sting of rebuke they shook me back to life.
Nothing is sweeter.

I, yes I, have given you wings and I, yes I, have given you the ability to see.

How long will you wait with these gifts dormant?

You were not created to be tied to this world My little eagle.  You are grounded only if you choose to be.

Yes, those wings may be stiff, sore from lack of use, it may indeed hurt to open and stretch them.  But it is the only way to catch the current of My Spirit.

As you soar the ache will ease and your eyes will take in all that My heart already knows.


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