25 August 2012

Inside the door

I have learned 
that we were meant to live outside 
the gate of the city 
and inside the door of God's heart. 
Outside is where the truth of the human condition is. 
Inside is where the joy of the divine heart is. 
The truth on the outside 
enables us to experience 
the joy on the inside without hoarding it. 
The joy on the inside 
gives us the strength to bear the truth on the outside 
without hiding from it.
Ken Gire in Relentless Pursuit

Absorbing the stillness with Sandy



Cheryl Smith said...

Wow, the truth of those first few words is P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L! I have to go back and re-read them, maybe even PIN them on Pinterest.

It sounds a lot like "Abiding" to me. And being in the "secret place."

Would love for you to link up at this week's True Vine Challenge. Won't you consider joining us on Fridays/Saturdays? You have such great insight to share!

caryjo said...

I had posted a comment and then got tossed off you post for some reason. Trying again!

I love it when I can enter the door and I also love it when the Lord comes out and touches my heart and holds my hand. So needful in our present days.

As usual, the photo is perfect with the rest of the post.

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