23 August 2012

What can I say?

This week, Bonnie asks us:
If you were to write a letter to God, what would you ask of him — what would you say?
I am in the habit of sitting with Jesus most mornings, journal open, asking what He wants to say to me.  I then write what I sense Him sharing. I am accustomed to remaining silent to listen, so to reach out to Him with my words feels odd.

Lord God
What can I possibly say that You do not already know?
Every beat of my heart, every breath was planned by You.
I know what I want
You know what I need.
I get lost and You are the One Who finds me,
again and again and again.
Your eyes remain on us all
even the wild one I wrote to last week
who denied You, turning instead to ways of the world
craving and seeking in dark corners
refusing the light.
What I can say to thank patience like that?

Can you fill me with that kind of love
love that waits
keeping eyes, arms and heart open
free from judgement and bitterness?

Lord God
help me continue to surrender
to let all things in me die that are not You
that more of You would live in me
that the world would know
and the world would see
for Your glory alone.

Joining Bonnie this week writing to our God



Sandra Heska King said...

And P.S. Would you do that for my friend, Sandy, too?

Beth Werner Lee said...

And keep working that in me too: heart open, judging denied, only trusting you faithfully, following where you lead, using what you give me to love others with your love.

Jeri Taira said...

What a beautiful prayer. A prayer so many will relate to. Including myself.

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