24 August 2012

Tell the tale

My morning time with the Lord feels like a response to the letter I wrote to Him here yesterday, and surely a commissioning of sorts.  I am both excited and awed, but as always, in His hands.

This is what He shared as I opened my journal:

Your words are a song to My ears
I relish the taste, the sound
how you take what I show you and give it wings

Yes, your ears are listening, little one
and you turn what your hear into music
you share truth
transforming beauty into beauty

I, yes I, place the pen in your hand
knowing your heart of surrender

I will take your higher
and I will take you deeper
and you will tell the tale.

Sharing with Cheryl and those choosing to abide...



Sandra Heska King said...

How you take what I show you and turn it into music, give it wings. Awe. God.

That lily is so serene, beautiful.

Sheila said...

Transforming beauty into beauty.


Cheryl Smith said...

I want to fly with you!

(and I didn't know you wrote songs? What a gift!)

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