03 April 2012

Winter to summer and back

Cederburg, Wisconsin
We have passed from winter to spring to summer then back in this most unusual year of season's change.

While we were away warming our bones in temperatures way above normal in the midwestern States we missed a wet and heavy snowfall.  Perhaps I need to rephrase that, for I did not "miss" the snow at all and was happy to see none of it remaining as we pulled into the yard late yesterday afternoon.

Rain and possible snow are forecast for our weekend, which is nothing extraordinary in this northern place.

It matters little to me as my heart and thoughts are turned toward the One Who made this the holiest of weeks.

May the passion that drove Him to the cross burn within me at a fever pitch, the intensity of His love etching deeply into my spirit.

I am happy to be home even as I realize more each day that home is truly not here, but wherever He Is.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

back to the main camp...sounds good.

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