24 April 2012

Creative call...

At lunch last week, a friend asked if I get involved in other art forms.

My reply was quick, well practiced. 

"My abilities are verbal, not visual.  I paint with the camera lens, but my talent is with words."

Yet I am feeling pulled, teased, drawn to new expressions. 

I want to paint quilt blocks to hang on the outside walls of the barn, the house, other out buildings.

I want to splash, and shape and sing.

His creative nature rises strong in me.  I will surrender my hands, my eyes, my ears.

May anything that results be to His glory.


1 comment:

Nikole Hahn said...

Whenever I think I want to try other art forms and try, the result looks like...well...not good. LOL. Unless it's baking or cooking...now that's an art form you can eat.

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