10 April 2012

Blanket of white

This morning I woke to a brittle blanket of white covering the world beyond my window.
Sun kissed crystals shimmered, danced
Isn't that is the call upon our lives, to reflect His light,
to shine even when our very bones may feel frozen, dark and fragile?

I wanted to capture the scene in digital pixels, yet could not.

Journal open, He spoke to me about love.

Continue to learn what love is.
Continue to ask Me.
Wait.  Watch.  Listen.
When you feel My gentle push, move.
You can act in love even when you don't think you feel love.
Love is more than a feeling, more than emotion that cannot be trusted.
Love is what you choose to do, until it becomes who you are.
This is how you will become more like Me.
Love is Who I Am.

Just as you are learning to say the hard "thank you", you will learn to love the unloveable, to love hard enough to see that are no unlovables at all!



YosemiteSyd said...

I like how you included your journal jottings in your blog. Nice touch. I'm going to try that!
Sydney Avey

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing the words about Love.

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