11 April 2012

Unique spice

Years of sorrow, yes
moments of pure joy
laughter light and shivering
silver chimes adrift
water rushing over jagged rock

all these has He given me
in a voice at once His and mine

Words are a gift
I've snapped up
with hunger
and with greed

Do I write like I speak
or speak like I write?

When you read my words
on pages, or screens
do you also hear your own voice
rattle in your head?

I am all that I have heard
all that I have read
tossed and seasoned
by the hand of the Master
creating a blend of spice
both hot and sweet
and even when I would wish
to taste like someone else
my flavor remains
unique on your tongue.

So much of what you hear
is my "self"

Joining Lyla of A Different Story as she leads us in discussions of L. L. Barkat's Rumors of Water.  This week we're talking about finding our voice.  Join us at TweetSpeak Poetry



L.L. Barkat said...

I like that you added taste. Voice is also taste, isn't it? :)

Lyla Lindquist said...

"do you also hear your own voice"

That stopped me there, Karin. Sometimes what we say loosens another's words, don't you think?

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