02 August 2011

Night raid

Last summer I posted HERE about dragonflies, singing their prasies, not merely for the beauty, but their function.  They eat mosquitos, and anyone who knows me also knows that I hold no love at all for mosquitos. 

Yes, I know, I know, we are told to love our enemies, but please.

This year, dragonflies have prospered and multiplied and fill the skies around us, like helicopters buzzing here, there, then hovering for a moment before flitting away again.  I am constantly reminded of Radar from M.A.S.H., hearing choppers before anyone else and crying out the warning "Incoming!!"

We arrived home late last night.  The sky had darkened and bugs were circling around the door, drawn to deck light.  While we were bringing groceries in from the car, we were too busy to notice that the open door and the light in the hall was just too attractive for the bugs to resist.  Small unidentifiable insects invaded followed by at least four dragonflies looking for an easy meal.

I never perceived dragonflies to be quite as large as when they were banging around my hallway and kitchen.  While Rick was busy chasing one out the door, another would fly in, all wings and buzz and chaos.  I did the only thing I could think of.  I grabbed our badminton racquet sized electronic bug zapper and began slicing it through the air, passing it over the light bulb, hearing the satisfying snaps and cracks of insects meeting their demise.  I'll admit to a brief moment of regret as I managed to swat a dragonfly with the full force of electrical power.

"I know you do good things for us" I thought "but I just can't host you inside my home."

We turned out the inside lights, leaving the deck light blazing, then opened the door again, and most of the flying critters departed, chasing the light.

It all leaves me wondering.  Do I reflect the light of God?  Do I shine brightly enough to draw others in? 


Sandra Heska King said...

After I'm done laughing, you'll find me chasing the light. :)

Anonymous said...

Well you certainly shine a light through your writing. :) Thanks Karin.

Glynn said...

For the longest time, I dodn't know what a dragonfly was, until someone explained that dragonfly = mosquito hawk. I don't know wht we called them mosquito hawks, but we did.

I still do.

Nikole Hahn said...

That's good exercise. How many did you lug over the "net"?

Anonymous said...

yep. you're a light shiner.

Theresa said...

loved it. Has me thinking

Lisa notes... said...

I can’t imagine seeing that many dragonflies! What a sight. Excellent questions: how brightly do I shine? Enough to draw a crowd?

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