31 July 2011

Throwing stones - a guest post

Time and again I have seen God's hand orchestrating online connections that not only nourish and encourage me, but that best serve His purposes.  I believe my "not-quite-by-chance" online meeting of Nikole Hahn is one such example of His work.

Nikole Hahn is a writer, book reviewer, and coffee addict. She blogs and lives 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 at http://www.thehahnhuntinglodge.com/

Today I'm excited to share her words with you in the guest post below:

Throwing Stones of Self-Righteousness
My perspective on Day 8, To Live is Christ: Day by Day by Beth Moore

Photo by Gail McNeeley (http://elmbeetlehill.blogspot.com/)

"One for Him; one against Him. One covered in blood; the other covered by prayer shawls. One who could not save himself from men; the other who could not save himself from sin. One dead in body but alive in Spirit. One loved by God; and the other loved by God." - Beth Moore, Day 8
This struck me.

I read it before service.

"One covered in blood; the other covered by prayer shawls," wrote Beth Moore on this day. The first being Stephen; the second, Saul.

How awful that someone representing God chose to participate in the stoning of Stephen. It reminds me of the lack of grace I exhibit at times. Here I am wearing my proverbial prayer shawl and throwing stones at people that haven't lived up to my expectations.

God is grace among other things. Most of the time, I give grace, but not always; no, I, too, struggle with unforgiveness. I can recount everyone's flaws and the hurts that I have been dealt, but I am an unwilling recipient of this accounting. I don't want to remember. Unresolved anger is a terrible burden to carry; a thorn in my side.

Unresolved anger means problems that have never found closure, because one party either doesn't know or is unrepentant. I have difficulty accepting what I can't change. Grace in those instances is not always an easy option.

There are days that I find living this Christian life quite challenging. People, not God, make it difficult. But then that is the old nature--expecting perfection like an atheist in someone who wears the Christian label. We're forgiven, not immune to sin. I am not immune to sin.

Forgive me when I wear my proverbial prayer shawl and throw stones of self-righteousness at you. I don't mean it. I, like you, am learning what it means to live as Christ, day by day, filling my mind with His truth and growing in faith.

When have you worn that proverbial prayer shawl and sent those stones of self-righteousness at others?

Make sure you stop by Nikole's blog to read more of her work.  I promise you will be encouraged.


Glynn said...

I've been been following Nikole's posts over at Bibledude.net, too. I really like how she does what I'd call "heart meditations."

Nikole Hahn said...

You and Glynn are both too kind. :o) Thank you.

lynnmosher said...

Thanks so much for having Nikole as a guest. I have missed you. It's been a while since we've tweeted. So good to see you again!

Another great post, Nikole! I think we have a mind meld going! I love this account and wrote a similar post some time ago. I love your take on this!

Nikole Hahn said...

Thanks, Lynn!

Mama Zen said...

This is so true.

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