23 August 2011

Beyond another chance?

This week's poster depicts Mike Tyson.  I am not a fan of boxing so I admit to not knowing much good about Mike, all I ever heard about was the outrageous behaviors, the hurting, the biting....

I know nothing about his childhood, his upbringing, how much hurt he may have walked through and carried with him.  I don't even know if he knew Jesus.

I do know that hurt animals lash out, spewing forth from deep wells of pain.  Our Lord gave Himself to take that pain away, not just for those we think of as "good" but for each.one.of.us.

People of the Second Chance ask us to raise our voices for second chances, to overthrow judgement and liberate love.  Will you join us?


Nikole Hahn said...

I was mentioning Tyson to my hubby and he explained there were some good in his life that the media never touched. Don't ask me though to remember it now. LOL. Totally forgot. Not to say I like him or anything. But you're right...lashing out comes from a well of pain.

JC Dude said...

I had a troubled past but by the grace of God I was ramsomed
and rescued. I needed another chance...quite a few of them actually.

Thanks Karin for the reminder!

Carolyn Counterman said...

Here is my little voice. I believe in second chances. For Mike. For you. For me.

Ashley said...

I agree, with Carolyn!

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