13 August 2011

Seeing the plenty

This week we have enjoyed the first beets, cucumbers and potatoes from our garden.  This afternoon I pulled up a few carrots and one small ripe roma tomato.

We fell very, very short of our usual harvest of peas, but it looks like there will be more than enough beans.

It isn't possible to say how well the corn will come in, some looks good, some not.

Each time I lean toward grumbling and complaining or feeling sad about all the plants that have died without giving up their normal abundance...  something catches in that back of my throat, tears fill my eyes.

Famine in SomaliaImage by United Nations Photo via Flickr

I think of those who are leaving some of their children on the side of the road to die of hunger and thirst so that they might save the others.

While I see the plenty that surrounds me, I thank God for all that He has provided for us and ask "Why me, Lord?  Why have I been so blessed?"

I find myself praying that He would show us what He would have us do.  A cup of cold water is needed.  My heart can't seem to turn away.


Anonymous said...

thank you for this reminder.

Floyd said...

I need the heart of God like this every day. I can only lay in His provision and thank Him for His mercy, grace, and compassion...

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