30 August 2011

Redeemed from "the dark side"?

I may be one of the few people of my age who has never seen even one film in the Star Wars series, but even I know that Darth Vader was considered a "bad guy".

I sat down with my husband to ask him what he knew about this character.  What he shared was that the character had been a Jedi Knight who went over to the dark side, influenced by the darkness he did indeed become an agent for evil.

Are any of us beyond becoming moved by forces that are less than pure?  Are any of us worthy of judging those who fall?

Our hero, Luke Skywalker could not even believe that someone as "bad" as Darth was his father, not until Darth gave up his own life to save him.

I'm reminded of the words of the preacher in Cowboys and Aliens:

"Sometimes good men do bad things.  And sometimes very bad men do good things."

I need the gavel taken from my hand, for there is only One able to know all the facts and details, only One Who is worthy to judge the hearts of man.

Will you agree with me in prayer, asking the Lord to impart more of His grace into our hearts and lives?

People of the Second Chance ask us to raise our voices for second chances, to overthrow judgement and liberate love. Will you join us?


Angela said...

This is good stuff! I think that so many of these Never Beyond posts have focused on our FIRST second chance, so to speak...no one is looking at what happens when a good person does something bad...thereby needing another second chance...or a third, fourth, fifth, etc.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on grace and forgiveness! Your voice is so valuable!

Carolyn Counterman said...

Sometimes it has been hard to know whether or not I am a bad person with random good motives or a good person with random bad motives. I'm glad grace covers all of that.

Andrew Ronzino said...

"I'm reminded of the words of the preacher in Cowboys and Aliens:

'Sometimes good men do bad things. And sometimes very bad men do good things.'"

Number one: Cowboys and Aliens ROCKED!

Number two: It's very true. Great people can have the seeds of evil in them, and evil people can have the seeds of good. We are a fallen people who live in a fallen world. I thank God that Jesus came to save us from our sin!

Great post! Thanks for sharing,


Steve and Lindsey Austin said...

Thanks for sharing!

I get it. My Mom and I were the victims of some HORRIBLE decisions that my Dad made, under the guise of calling himself a "Christian". He was Mr. Church, Mr. Gooddeeds, Mr. Choir, Mr. Givemytenth, but we were subject to some hardcore, terrible things, and he was absolutely the most difficult person to forgive in my entire life, but I DID IT and I am so THANKFUL for the restorative power of God and the transformation that is taking place in my Dad's life, my parents' marriage, and my relationship with my Father.


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