25 August 2011

Passion to plunge

My beloved Rick started to snicker when I told him the topic for this week's jam and I wasn't quite sure what to write:
What is a passion or interest you’d like to nurture and grow?
When I asked him what he was laughing at he said "It is so easy, so obvious.  Your passion is to go deeper."

Deeper indeed. 

Into His heart.
His hope. His love.
Into the depths of His empathy for the lost, the hungry, the broken.
Plunged deeper into truth, revelation, wisdom,
with a burning desire to share what He teaches me
in words written and spoken.
May I ever be consumed with the desire
to be His pen, His instrument, a simple tool in His hand.

I pray I will trust where He leads me, simply because He is the leader
I will jump, I will swim, I will climb
to do the will of the One Who loves me beyond reason

Do you have a passion to plunge?
Let go of fear and fall into His arms.
There is no better place to land.

Jamming with Bonnie - talking about passion

Sharing with the rest of the imperfect, broken yet redeemed at Emily's


Anonymous said...

well said!

Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

I think you have the greatest passion to pursue. Beautifully worded with a nice photo.
Enjoyed your photo header as well.


Irene Cortez said...

What beautiful passion you have! And thank you for sharing that passion to the world! You are such a blessing. :-)

emily wierenga said...

dear friend, this is a passion i have too... to go deeper. so good to know i'm not alone. :) i love how your love knows you so well. xo

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

Awesome passion for the journey.

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