05 November 2010

Word fight

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For many years,
I had left poetry
and for reasons of His own
in this season
my Lord has led me
back to rhythm,
and rhyme.
If I try to force
a poem
what flows is prose.
With fictional prose as my goal
the words tumble out as poetry.

Words with a life of their own
seem to have donned boxing gloves
and taken to the ring.

So I wait before the Lord
Who has a story
He desires unfolded
and I lay out adjectives,
verbs, nouns
like a jigsaw puzzle.

I ache for these newly developed
that they would know Him.
Then I think
how much more He grieved for me
before I turned.

I am behind in my word count for NaNoWriMo, but feel I can only move as quickly as He allows. I am not writing my story this year, but instead I have surrendered to Him and will allow Him to lead me.

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Melissa Campbell said...

Love this! I went through a long stretch of not writing as well--the riverbed in me had to be dug deeper, made smoother. I am looking forward to reading who wins your word-fight. blessings!

~*Michelle*~ said...

I find that sometimes I need to stop writing/talking/etc about Him and start spending more time just with Him.

(that is where I am at right now)

JC Dude said...

So glad those wonderful words have returned. He is honored and we are blessed!

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