17 November 2010

Peels and layers

I am in the middle of NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month. I have surrendered my words to the Lord, allowing Him to write His story through me in whatever way He desires. Not only do I have to give up any sense of control I must also yield to His timing. It is my own lack of patience that prompted today’s One Shot.

My approach
to dicing an onion
is to chop through
both ends
then make a long
part way through
removing skins
and flesh
in one action
to get to the clean
my impatience
with time saved.

God’s approach
is painstakingly
as He peels
layer after
paper thin layer
not only
with result
but process.

In the midst
of my frustration
gratitude flows
in tears
of thanksgiving
for in His abiding
deliberate patience
my very life
was saved.

The Lord does not delay and is not tardy or slow about what He promises, according to some people's conception of slowness, but He is long-suffering (extraordinarily patient) toward you, not desiring that any should perish, but that all should turn to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9 Amplified

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poemblaze said...

Great description of a simple activity and carrying metaphor through.

Eric Alder said...

It's no surprise that God takes his time; after all, he has eternity! (LOL!)

It's hard for us to judge time, since we are mere blips on the universal radar screen.

Nice onion allegory.

moondustwriter said...

So poignant dear sister. I have always loved the picture of the careful peeling away of the layers of onion

Best with the Nanowrimo
and thanks for taking time to shoot one to One Shot

Love foom the Moon

Shashi said...

Very beautiful and simple thought...
presented beautifully

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

Sandra Heska King said...

Very cool! Brought tears to my eyes.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

There's something very gentle about the careful, patient peeling of those paper-thin layers.


Carrie Burtt said...

This is beautiful....God certainly has been working in your life...it reflects from the message in your beautiful words. :-)

Lyla Lindquist said...

Beautiful stuff, Karin. I'm with you, I cut into the onion and take it off with one move. And sometimes I wish He'd do the same. But He salvages more of me than I do the onion when He does it the patient way.

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