04 November 2010

Imperfect Prose - Impatient Hare?

I would never accuse myself of moving too fast. I feel large, sluggish and slow. Joint pain often restricts even the simplest of movements. Yet what I see and feel in my natural self does not hinder my spirit.

That spirit jumps, races, sprints. That same spirit is what my Lord looks at. To the surprise of my natural mind, He is asking me to slow down.

I am teaching you to wait on Me. This is not easy for you, not easy for any flesh.

Yet you do surrender, bit by bit, even as pasrts of you struggle to hold on.

Hold on instead to Me.

We have come far together, My little one, but there is more, so much more to come.

Sometimes you want to leap where only a small step will do. Trust that I already know the way, for I created the path.

Wait. Be still. Know that there is progress even so.

I can hear your voice, your "but Lord....." and ask again if you can simply trust Me.

Have I not yet proven to you that when there is a need to move quickly in your life I move very quickly indeed.

Speed is easy for you, My impatient hare. But there are times that do call for a tortoise pace.

I desire you at My side, step by step, not ahead of or behind Me.

Step by step by step - the Kingdom comes.

Stop by Emily's In the Hush of the Moon for more prose that is imperfect but very real.


Michael Perkins said...

I desire that too. Beautiful Karin.

emily wierenga said...

oh friend... he is asking the same of me. how well you put it. especially: Sometimes you want to leap where only a small step will do.

i always want to leap. yet, in his time... i walk this path with you, karin. thank you for this gift today. xo

Melissa Campbell said...

I love this: step by step by step--the kingdom comes.

Slowing down is where He has me too. It's one of the hardest lessons I think. I go from thinking He has abandoned me and I have no purpose to the other extreme where I don't want to leave this quiet place with Him.

Thanks for this post! Blessings.

Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

Just thinking about how He walks at just the right pace beside us. I just need to follow in His steps.

Thank you for sharing your special time with the Lord.


Kati patrianoceu said...

I share your struggle but don't think I can handle the thought of actually slowing down just yet. It's an amazing feat to still the heart! I admire you for hearing and heeding.

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