19 November 2010


If you had only heard the reported amount of snowfall yesterday you would not have believed what the world looked like around us last night and this morning.

Rick's truck didn't make it home yesterday, sliding to a stop across our gravel road about half a mile from the house.

The drifting continued along with new snow through the night. Rick phoned in to work to say "If you want me there, you're going to have to come get me" and we were both surprised when they did just that!

I never went out, even to take pictures, preferring the warmth inside. The picture above is another day, another year. I used the day to to try to write, with NaNoWriMo and an article on deadline for the Marriage Counter at Internet Cafe Devotions.

I sat to type, my head pounded. I got up to look out at the snow. My head pounded. I read emails, I looked at the snow. I wrote a few words. My head pounded. I chatted on the phone. I wept before the Lord. My head pounded. I read some blogs and prayed about the state of our yard. I got up to look out the window at the snow. Outside and inside, drifting continued. A friend prayed on the phone about my headache. I ate some cheese. I wrote the words God provided.

A neighbor arrived to plow and blow snow, working to clear the yard. Rick was delivered home, safe and sound and is back outside shoveling what can't be plowed.

Inside I remain, headache still hanging around on the fringes. More words will come as He wills. I am warm. I am sheltered. I am blessed.

And drifting continues.


JC Dude said...

Sure am glad that Rick got home safe and sound! I'm not ready for snow yet...so not ready! Praying for you and for rest.

Glynn said...

It feels tropical here in St. Louis compared to that. Glad Rick made it home safely.

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