16 November 2010

What His hand has done

Our favourite way to get to the city 2-1/2 hours away where we can find a variety of shops not available in our small town is to travel the main road through the National Park. Morning or evening, no matter the season, we never fail to see the beauty displayed there.

Snow covered ground
muffled the noise of traffic
speeding past
not taking the moment to savour
what open eyes could see.

How quick are we
to ignore the hand
that painted the frost
with such precision
on each twig
of each branch
of each limb
on every tree?

This day, we stopped, to capture just a glimpse, to praise not merely the creation, but He Who created, all for His pleasure.

Yes, it made the journey just a little bit slower, but richer and more joyful for the opportunity to worship and wonder.

And who do you think is the father of rain and dew, the mother of ice and frost? You don't for a minute imagine these marvels of weather just happen, do you? Job 38:29-30 The Message

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Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

That is just so beautiful--the picture, and the words that accompany it. You must be much farther north than we are...we've had frost, but nothing like that.

jasonS said...

Slower journeys are so worth it when we experience the awe and wonder of His majesty! Thanks Karin. I'm feeling it with you today. :)

Jingle Poetry said...

This is super beautiful.
love the imagery, your words are magical.

Jingle Poetry said...

I signed in to follow your blog,
welcome following us back.

come join us for week 11 poetry potluck..
it is open Sunday 8pm, close at Wednesday 8am.

Kelly Sauer said...

Oh how beautiful!

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