01 November 2010

On, In and Around Mondays - November breaks

The morning started with fog lazy to lift as we woke early to take a vehicle in for a repair appointment. The skies cleared to a brilliant blue, no hints of snow as November breaks.

Late afternoon, with the help of a faithful friend and his chainsaw, the work of cleaning up trees too long left wild finally began. Big maples that appear solid and strong are dying from the inside out, nothing within but rot and dust.

And I hear the voice of my Lord, stirring in my spirit:

Never assume that things are as they seem. The strength comes from the heart, not the shell.

I listen. Twigs snap, shatter, crumble. The whine of the chainsaw competes with the cries of the ravens. The air smells old and new all at once.

The sun will soon set on a day's work done.

I'm linking with L. L. Barkat's On, In and Around Monday - stop by and read what the world looks like through other's eyes today.


Jingle said...

this is beautiful.

Michael Perkins said...

You truly have a gift.

Sandra Heska King said...

Oh, so much in these few words.

I'll carry this with me all day.

Cassandra Frear said...

Good Lesson!

Donna said...

Soaking up truth here: "The strength comes from the heart, not the shell."

Thank you for writing...

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