28 October 2010

Speak Lord - I'm listening

Years ago I received a precious gift from the Lord. I could be anywhere at all and suddenly hear the sound of chimes, a silvery flicker, a shimmering sound, just on the edge of my natural senses. After acknowledging the sound I would sense a word, a phrase, a message in my spirit. Once this had happened a few times I realized that I would hear the sound when the Lord had something to share with me.

Lord, You used to call me
with a ring
and I would answer
"here am I"
like picking up the telephone
or opening the door.

Did I grow too accustomed
or familiar?
Did I begin to rely on the gift
instead of the Giver?
Or was it simply time
to remove the easy access
the familiar gate
that had made me lazy?

You have not stopped speaking
but more often than not
You wait until I ask.

I hear you in the breeze
the beat of my heart
the scratching of a pen on crisp pages of my journal
the sky streaming golden at day's end
the warmth of a house shut tight against the wind
my husband's "I love you."
In the "yes, Yes, YES" that rises in my spirit
when I read Your love letter
written for me, for all of Your children
eternal promises.

I will seek. I will wait. I will listen still.
But speak Lord.

And the Lord came and stood and called as at other times, Samuel! Samuel! Then Samuel answered, Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening 1 Samuel 3:10 Amplified

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jasonS said...

That is awesome, Karin. Growing in relationship with God, like relationship with anyone, is really about paying attention. Thanks- great post.

Michael Perkins said...


Brian Miller said...

shivers. that is way cool...and i find he waits on me to ask more often than not as well

Kelli said...

I'm not a part if the jam today but I read your post anyway! I really thought it was beautiful! I especially liked when you said your were relying on the gift not the giver. Wow... I need to be reminded of thus daily! Thanks, Kelli

emily wierenga said...

i have shivers too... God is so intimate, no? if we let him be. and you let him--it's so clear, and you inspire me, friend. thank you. xo

Tammy@If Meadows Speak... said...

"I will listen still. But speak Lord." and my heart was "Yes!Yes!Yes!" What a precious gift too and oh how I want Him to speak and you capturing the heart of it so well.

Carrie Burtt said...

This is beautiful and inspiring!

Nikole Hahn said...

He speaks to me differently. I think He speaks to everyone on the level where they will hear. For my husband, it's something unusual that happens in his daily walk that makes him sit up and listen. For me, it's a small voice so tiny that if I am not careful I won't hear it with all the shouting and noise around me. It's never been wrong.

Donna said...

"I will seek. I will wait. I will listen still."

From your eloquent post, I am reminded to ask, seek, wait, and listen for the Lord's voice.

Bonnie Gray said...

"I would sense a word, a phrase, a message in my spirit."

Karin, your post reminded me of Elijah and how He heard God in a whisper. His words are to those who quiet and listen. How wonderful you do just that - -and encourage us to do the same.

Thanks for adding this to the jam!

Glynn said...

He speaks to us in so many ways, but especially those that we will hear. Good post.

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