20 October 2010

Snow Day

One of the many blessings of my time away on holidays was the opportunity to finally purchase and read Billy Coffey's first novel Snow Day.

I have been a fan of Billy's writing since the first blog post I hit upon and had been looking forward to reading his book with hungry expectation.

My expectations were met with extra poured on, like the cherry on the whipped cream of a hot fudge sundae!

Billy takes us on a journey through one day but in the process covers lifetimes, not only of the main character Peter but the community that surrounds him. I found myself stepping into the lives of ordinary people only to realize that God has made each one of us extraordinary.

Through the words of Snow Day you will smile, cry, laugh, nod your head in recognition and encounter the wisdom of the Lord in the simple truths Billy relates.

For those of you who are near to me in-real-life, I would lend you my copy but I really sense you need one for yourself, to turn back to again and again as I am sure I will. Snow Day is a purchase you won't regret.

And don't forget to stop by Billy's place to read his daily blogs, always filled with his special blend of insight, humour and wisdom. Leave him a few encouraging words while you're there, for it takes courage to write so openly and I know that God has much more to speak through this servant of His.

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