18 October 2010

Greatest Story Ever Told

When I noticed that the word for this edition of 3 From Here and There was Storytelling, I realized I had recently taken a shot of the greatest story ever written, ever told, ever lived.

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Jessaca said...

Hello there,
I was stopping by via 3 from here and there to see what you had posted for storytelling...I could not agree more with what posted.
This is INDEED the BEST story ever told. The Best sTory ever acted out. The best story ever revealed in my life.
Hope you have a great day!!!

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

and we all are part of that story..

Amy said...

creative beauty here! the lighting is fabulous. to be His in HisTory...are there even words to desribe the depths of gratitude? mostly, i think not, but i still try, and will never cease for trying. i love Him! thank you for this 'truth, faith, hope' filled contribution...you bless!

Becky said...

Yes, this is indeed the best story ever!

Love your picture- I havenot had to play along this time, hopefuly I will soon.

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