12 July 2008

Giraffes, antelopes, water buffalo. The second game drive.

We got back to the lodge for lunch, this time a sit down meal. None of us really needed all the food we were eating, since we were spending our days sitting on buses and boats, but we ate and savoured none the less.

Time again for an afternoon rest and swim before our second and final game drive.No, I don't mean a swim with the boys (as Rick called them). We let them enjoy their mud hole without interfering.
These giraffes almost look as if we had posed them.

Yes, I have always loved giraffes. Had to remind myself this was not an episode on Animal Planet. This was Africa and we were hereAn oribe, a small antelope with lovely stripes in its ears.

Ugandan crested crane, the national bird, has all of the colors of the Ugandan flag.

The bushbok is the favorite prey of leopards. We did not see any more lions. We never got the chance to see leopards or hyenas, and one of my other favorites, the zebra, does not inhabit this part of Uganda. Any disappointment at what we had missed, however, was overshadowed by all we had seen.

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Duane & Karen said...

The giraffes I loved too. When we ended up in the middle of 50 giraffes you know what it reminded me of? It was a reminder how God's grace is all around us, if we only took the time to notice.

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