19 July 2008

Back in Kampala

Our building work for Watoto was completed, we were back from safari, and still had a few days before we had to leave for home. One of our hosts Bonny decided to give us a tour of the city.
We were stuck in one spot in traffic for more than half an hour, until our driver decided to back up, pull through a gas station and drive around on different streets to get us to a point where the flow of traffic was moving again. I remember talking with the Lord, telling Him I would go where He sends me, but please, please..... I've become too used to the wide spaces of country life to cope with congestion like this. Here are Boda Boda (motorcycle taxi) drivers near the largest and busiest market in Kampala, waiting to take people and their purchases home. We couldn't believe some of the things we saw carried on the backs of these small bikes, chairs, sofas, stacks of lumber and more.

Those who could afford the rent had space in this market, others, like this watch vender/repairman had his portable cart across the street.

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