14 July 2008

An early morning

It was hotter here up north and much more humid. One had to simply reconcile themselves to a constant layer of sweat on their skin. We were warned very strongly NOT to keep our balcony doors open due to bands of raiding baboons that could appear at any time, (we heard stories of people who didn't heed this advice and lost cameras, purses, and various other valuables as the bandits came through) and with no screens we didn't want to leave them open to insects either. I was surprised, however, at how easy it was to sleep, even knowing that the power is turned off for hours in the middle of the night and that the ceiling fan above our bed could not move the air about and cool us. We knew we had a scheduled departure time of about 8 AM and woke early enough to catch the sunrise from our balcony.

We had a long days ride ahead of us, and for practical reasons (mainly lack of rest stops) I again was afraid to eat much and had only one cup of coffee. All of us were watching the time, planning a final run to the bathrooms just before boarding the busses. A few minutes after 7 we were told we were leaving, now! You can imagine the scrambling, the grumbling, the complaining..... and the mad dashes to every available bathroom. We were reminded yet again that schedules are simply something created so they can later be rearranged with only the explanation TIA (this is Africa).

The ferry was undergoing scheduled repairs and our buses had crossed over the night before. We walked down to the river to be shuttled across in small boats. The walk gave us the opportunity to view lilly pads and our final group of hippos.

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Duane & Karen said...

Ok, where was I? I never heard about the bandits and to not keep our door open! Augh! We tried to keep it open but the bugs outnumbered the comfort of the night air so we shut it. Oh, if I only knew!

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