25 July 2008


Okay, it's time for a bit of confession and repentance. I get very testy when I don't have internet access at home, as these last few days have again shown me. In my journal last evening, while we still had no phone line, I wrote:

"Lord God, I know all things are within Your control, and You have a plan that I often do not understand. I want to be able to abandon my own will and be obedient to Yours. In the midst of my frustration at having no telephone and no internet, I realize that You are at work here. There is something You are trying to accomplish. Forgive me Lord if I have come kicking and screaming, whining and complaining. Forgive me for forgetting that if I have nothing but You I still have all that I need."

Leave it to our all knowing Father to arrange things in a way that will show us where our hearts are and open our eyes to priorities that may be misaligned. The internet is a tool, a marvelous tool, but it should never become our life.

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