25 August 2014

not mine

time is all at once
too fast, too slow
I have not yet adjusted
to the new truth
that time is not my own
it never was
thoughts that I possessed
anything at all
were mere illusion
more stones to drop
slipping through loose fingertips
not to leave a trail to follow back
but simply to release excess
weight or ties that hinder

every bit I let go of
teaches me
how vast the store
still in my grasping
hands and heart
enough to sink a spirit 
yearning to float 

joining Kelli where the rhythms are His alone



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful reminder that our time is not really ours. Visiting from Kelli's.

Anonymous said...

I am printing this to read again and again because just one reading tells me there is more for my soul to learn in these words. Time and time again. Thank you for linking with Unforced Rhythms.