07 August 2014

more goodbyes

I wrote here
when we gave final kisses, belly rubs
and words of farewell
to our sweet dog two weeks ago

two nights ago, Rick dismantled
his aquarium, gifting it and all the fish
to a younger relative

just a part of the series of goodbyes
that we are walking into
and through

the hummingbirds still hover
at feeders that will remain
to be filled with nectar
by the family soon 
to be renting our house

and the cats, three adults
two sets of three kittens
black and white all
will remain, another part of us
roaming the acres, taking refuge
in the barn

things will continue
here, in our absence even if
it feels a bit unsettling
to hand our lives over
to others

all this, and we haven't yet
begun the real work
of saying goodbye to
loved ones

eleven days and counting
the time is

Velvet Ashes: encouragement for women serving overseas

sharing at The Grove at Velvet Ashes



Kelly Hallahan said...

It's tough! But He is worth it all. Blessings on you as you begin the hard goodbyes.

Debbie said...

May you savor every moment.

Catherine Grace said...
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Catherine Grace said...

It is tough, and you touch on some many things and moments and future days that you are saying goodbye to.
Those last moments are really hard and heavy, and I pray comfort for you!
They are also really rich moments, when nothing is taken lightly and everyone is savoring each second. When the depth of the time spent together is mutual. Enjoy that. Soak it all in & let out the tears. Both are a song of praise. Bless you

Danielle said...

"Unsettling to hand our lives over to others." Yes, yes it is. May a special sense of His presence be with you in every sweet and bitter moment throughout these pivotal days.

Whitney @ Journey Mercies said...

we also had to hand over home and pets to others when we left...isn't it strange how sometimes the small things really get to you? 11 days - you're in for the adventure of your life! :)

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