24 August 2014


hearts are cracking
opening fresh, wild
ready to draw in more
tears and smiles
mingle, how privileged
are we to watch
as God moves nations

Halfway into the Global Orientation Conference
we are surrounded by those much younger than us
the other night we sang Hosanna
I see a generation
rising up to take their place
with selfless faith
and I journalled:

Last night I sensed that You plan to use us as examples for the generation following us. How best can we do that Lord?

obedience and surrender
they will see your willing spirit
when you die to self with joy
they will see how you love
when you allow yourself
to be moved by the wind of My Spirit
they will learn how to dance with Me
step by step, breath by breath

1 comment:

Sandra Heska King said...

That heart's cracked open to form a tulip. Tu lips are made for praise.

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