04 January 2013

The "release" of submission

Praying about the words given to me for 2013, continue, alert and listen, I opened my journal, asking Jesus what He wanted to share:

Continue to keep your eyes and ears open to notice how I Am guiding you.

There is no need for striving.

Surrender is not a doing but a letting go.

My desire is for you to feel the release of submission, 
allowing My peace and My will to flood over you.

I came to set the captives free.  What you hold, holds you.

Let go.  It is all just empty space.

Free yourself to grab onto Me.

Soaking in the stillness with Sandy

while I abide with Cheryl



Anonymous said...

His words to you sound familiar. Happy New Year to you.

Jody Lee Collins said...

Karin--'the release of submission'--that has got me thinking.

Sandra heska King said...

What you hold, holds you. Wow.

Dianne said...

"Surrender is not a doing but a letting go"--love that--how true--

Nina Bille said...

"My peace and My will will flood over you" ... Thank you for sharing!

caryjo said...

Yes, keeping my eyes and ears open and knowing when/where I am being guided by my Guide.

Thanks. GOOD way of sharing from Him and for us.

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