21 January 2013

Tent in heaven

God has made a tent in heaven for the sun. 
The sun is like a groom coming out of his honeymoon suite; 
like a warrior, it thrills at running its course. 
It rises in one end of the sky; 
its circuit is complete at the other. 
Nothing escapes its heat.  

I have joined Jon Swanson challenge Every Monday This Year choosing two things to do each and every Monday in 2013.  First I will ask God for wisdom for the decisions I have to make for the week and I am also reading Psalm 19.  I know that a few weeks of January have already passed, but its not too late for you to jump in also.



Amy Nabors said...

Asking for wisdom. Something I forget to do all too often, but something I need to do each day. Thank you for a beautiful reminder!

Anonymous said...

We don't have wisdom because we don't ask. Great commitment to make and a great idea. Thanks Karin. Blessings and praying for you!

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