29 January 2013


Snow falls gentle, the winds, silent
clouds block the sun, muffle light
I feel embraced, warm in fleece
yet fog closes in, visibility blurs
too easy to get lost
in the soft

I have practised breathing
have mastered the in, out
so that even stale will sustain
but a small voice nudges

What kind of life is this?

so this is me
kicking against normal
fighting my way up
to break the surface
gulping fresh

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Brian Miller said...

woot kick against that normal....listen to that voice...its not much a life....

Mary said...

Ah, so easy to get lost in the soft...indeed it is, and fine for a time; but I do understand the desire for 'fresh.'

Heaven said...

Good question ~ I like the breathing in and the realization, then the kicking up to break free ~

Anonymous said...

making waves...

Laura said...

beautiful... and yes easy to get lost, so we breath in and out again and again repeatedly breaking the surface and sinking down then rising once more and once more and so on.

Tatius T. Darksong said...

Fighting against normal, sometimes normal can suck you in and hold you but nice to be different.

Manicddaily said...

Very cool - A surprising and refreshing finish. k.

Claudia said...

I have practised breathing..somehow this is the key line here for me...at some points in our life we have to re-learn it in a way and def. swim up to the surface..

Jen Ferguson said...

i love this -- seeking out Him is often filled with risking the world, but oh, is He worth it!

Derrick Hines said...

"gulping fresh"
Love the renewed feeling of the ending!

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