19 January 2013

His embrace

I have lived for decades with chronic back pain and never know what will set it off.  I think this week I pushed my workouts a little too hard and have been paying the price.

Yesterday morning, I curled up beneath the blankets, enjoying extra minutes of rest while Rick was showering to prepare for work, trying to discern just how bad my back problem was.

The next moment, I sensed arms around me, holding me, much the way Rick snuggles his entire body up to me, but I knew he was in the other room.  Peace fell softly.  I knew that I knew that I was in God's embrace.

Later, sitting with my journal and coffee Jesus confirmed with His words:

Yes, I wrap Myself around you, happy when I know that you notice My embrace.
I will take your burdens and your pain
in Me you are whole and healed when you are wholly Mine
What some would call imagination I call divine sensitivity
Continue to lean into My arms, little one.
Your healing place, resting place, the secret place with Me.

clinging to the vine with Cheryl



Anonymous said...

encouraging words

ninotaziz said...

So lovely. Your faith comforts you - and more importantly, you realized and embraced it.

Sandra Heska King said...


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