07 February 2012

My true romance...

I have a confession to make. Here, among friends I can trust, I need to be open and transparent. Today, while  we are talking about romance, I will be brave:

My husband Rick does not have sole ownership of my heart. My thoughts stray.   There is another romance that invades my thoughts, sleeping and waking.  Yes, my mind wanders, in dreams and in visions.

I can see myself walking beside another, reaching out to grasp his hand as our legs step in unison. We are on a windswept beach, or in a meadow, or climbing rolling hills. I look into his eyes and know that they gaze directly into my heart. There is nothing he cannot see and in that knowledge of total exposure comes unexpected freedom. I have nothing to hide. I am simply who I am, and loved despite my faults. He knows my questions before I ask and answers with wisdom and truth. He is the one I come to with my fears and my sorrows. I pour myself out in his presence and he picks me up and puts me back together.

He doesn’t mind that am I married to Rick, in fact, he has blessed our union. Yet he continues to make plans for another wedding. A feast. A celebration unlike any ever known before. He himself will be the bridegroom and his desire is for me to be a perfect, spotless bride.

Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready Revelation 19:7 NIV

I am awestruck that he would choose me. I am lovesick. This One, this Jesus, has captivated me and He is my Lord.

Who has ownership of your heart today? If you have not given all of yourself to Christ, try it today. You will soon discover that you have more to give to your husband and to your marriage as well.

Joining Peter Pollock and the rest of the crowd where the word is romance.



Cris Ferreira said...

Beautiful post! And that's how it should be in a God-focused relationship.
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

you and your husband are blessed.

A Joyful Noise said...

Jesus should always be first in the home. Most Christian husbands and wives understand this, but I have heard of husbands so jealous of their wife's love for the Lord that it caused friction. Smith Wigglesworth was one who forbid his wife to attend church. When she did anyway, and returned home, the doors were locked. She sat in the cold all night on the stairs. The next morning he opened the door and she said, "Good morning Smith, I will fix your breakfast now." Eventually her love for Jesus and her love for her husband touched his heart and he became one of the great preachers in history. Wondrous miracles occurred during his preaching and teaching.

Peter P said...

I love it!!!

caryjo said...

And it's nice to be married to someone who understands and is willing to be 2nd... and occasionally will remind you that you are 2nd, too. And both of you rejoice.

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