20 February 2012


The saying is true that we want what we cannot have.

Today and tomorrow are prep days for the gastroscopy and colonoscopy I am scheduled for on Wednesday morning.  Nothing to chew - clear liquids only.

Knowing I cannot eat makes me immediately hungry.  This is, of course, my mind and not my body, whining, shouting and pouting.

The grass on the other side of the fence
the fruit that is forbidden
just a taste, a tiny little taste...

This is the time to take thoughts captive, not allowing them to bounce off the walls, surging in power, making taste buds salivate.

No temptation more than I can bear, I know this too.

I have liquids, fresh water when billions do not, even my drug of choice is allowed, caffeine in black coffees and teas.  So I have no cause to complain...

well, maybe the tiniest bit....

Prayers are welcomed as my insides are explored, the things God knit together for His glory.

And go enjoy a snack, for me.


1 comment:

Jay Cookingham said...

Praying for you my sister...rest in His presence!

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